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MY GOAL is to raise high quality pets that are easy to get along with. I value dogs with good looks, soundness, intelligence, tractability (trainability), and quiet voices.

I WILL HELP YOU find the pup that fits best with your personality and lifestyle. I want you to end up with a dog that you will be proud of and that will be a pleasure to live with.

If you contact me by email and do not receive a reply please call me. Sometime the email ogre steals my email replies.

Dogs are carnivores, and as such they thrive on a diet that a wild canine would eat. Domestication and 50 years of eating grain-based bagged food has not changed their digestive system. I feed my dogs raw meat and bone and organ meats. They do very well on this diet.

My raw food comes from my local grocery store, Walmart, and hunters. I had to pester the meat dept manager in my grocery store to order chicken necks and backs, but he finally did (40# boxes). I can get leg quarters from walmart for about 50 cents/lb and use a meat cleaver to chop into smaller pieces (for small pups that would be 1/2 or 1/3). I add beef or chicken liver 1-2 X week, about 1/3 - 1/2 of meat portion (too much will cause loose stools). For any meat that doesn't have easily chewed bones, or no bones (ground meats, steaks) I sprinkle bone meal (from the garden center) on it. (if the stool is loose add more bone, if it is too hard cut back on bone). Too little bone is not healthy, extra bone will just pass through (white chalky poop).
Variety in meats is good so I feed chicken (leg quarters, backs, necks), turkey (ground and necks), pork (neck bones, ribs, steak), beef (heart, burger), deer, or anything else I can come up with that is cheaper. You can also feed canned sardines and mackerel, as well as eggs with the shell.

I also give them some plain yogurt or kefir periodically, you can feed it every day.

If you want to add veggies you need to lightly steam and/or puree them so that the dog can digest them, there are companies that sell veggie "glop" to add to the raw.

The Salmon oil and Vit E are highly beneficial, C is also good but it isn't necessary.

There are several raw feeders who feed raw tripe/beef stomach (it is green/brown, smells nasty, dogs go nuts over it, and it is excellent for the digested veggie factor.) Available from coops and cooperative butchers (mine is not).

I have a bunch of raw food companies listed on this page.

There is a recent thread on leerburg for raw suppliers

The only word of caution is that 50% of poultry has camplobactor, which can mimic Parvo in an already sick dog, so I don't feed poultry to my little puppies. I would would wait a week or two before feeding your guy poultry because of the stress of the move.

I'm not spending much more on the raw than I was on the nearly wholesale kibble. My dogs (and cats) look and act better, less shedding, clean teeth, no bad breath, no allergies, 1/4 the poop, neither myself, my husband, or my kids (4 & 7) have been sick from the house dogs eating raw (in their crates or outside).

I never see bone chunks in dog poop, BUT some of my dogs have eaten spilled corn, milo, and wheat from our farm. It ALWAYS passes through intact and will then sprout. They cannot digest grains.

Visit for excellent dog and puppy training articles as well as details about healthy raw diets and vaccinations for dogs. books and newsletter written by a vet. has info on spay vs hysterectomy for female dogs. for raw recipes has answers about the BARF diet for dogs.

These companies sell prepared raw food diets, some include grain-free, raw kibble and freeze dried raw products:

More dog stuff:

I will give all my pups two NeoPar (high titer Parvo) vaccines, and one NeoTech DA2 (Distemper, Adenovirus) vaccine before they leave for their new homes.

Vaccine information can be found at the following websites: has high quality herbal remedies for dog and cat illnesses.

For information on healthy human diets, including information about soy visit and their resource library includes a book I highly recommend: "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. for human nutrition, check out what they have to say about SOY!. for a cancer remedy (I've used it, it works, pictures available if you want them).
For an excellent burn remedy (B & W Salve) developed by an Amish man: Holistic Acres, 1398 Twp. Rd.1106, Ashland, OH 44805. It heals 3rd and 4th degree burns quickly, with little pain and scarring. (I have pictures of a 2nd degree burn healing process if you want them.)


Shipping is easier than it sounds. I can send pups out once a week (I try to avoid Mondays). I can adjust the time and day according to your preference and the fore-casted temperature. In the winter I try to plan on the warmest day of the week and the middle of the day. In the summer heat I send them in the early morning or evening. I send your pup in a crate with lots of newspapers. I send the guarantee, shot record, health certificate, and a bag of food with your pup. Young pups travel with a cloth with litter mate and home smells. I book the flight and give you the flight information when booking is completed. I also give you directions to the pick-up location at your airport.
Shipping to Canada is also available.

SOME of the pups I advertise belong to two neighbors of mine who raise very nice, high quality puppies. They are current on vaccinations and deworming. These pups are also sold with the same guarantee, vet check, and microchip as my pups. I handle all of the advertising, correspondence, payment and shipping details.

Breeds available include:

Puggles (Pug/Beagle)
Boglen Terriers (Boston/Beagle)
Beagles (tri-color and bluetick)

Microchip - AVID # _____________________________________________

HEALTH GUARANTEE updated December 2012


This puppy has been checked thoroughly by our veterinarian and has been vaccinated (please consult the shot record for details). Vaccines are high quality and always kept refrigerated. Do not give your puppy any additional vaccinations until two weeks after receiving him/her, DOING SO WILL VOID THE HEALTH GUARANTEE. Giving your pup a vaccine when they are stressed from a change in environment can be detrimental to their health. He/She also has been dewormed consistent with our veterinarian�s recommendations. If your veterinarian finds a medical problem in the first 72 hours that was overlooked by us, upon receipt of a written statement by your veterinarian and return of the puppy and registration papers, we will either refund your money or exchange for another puppy when one becomes available. It is your responsibility to return the puppy to Debbie Bruce unless other arrangements have been made.


If within 10 days of delivery the puppy dies from Distemper, Parvo Virus, or any disease that should have been prevented with the puppy vaccinations, a refund or replacement will be given when provided with an autopsy report from the licensed veterinarian detailing the cause of death and the return of the microchip and registration papers. Guarantee is limited to purchase price or replacement of puppy.


Until the puppy is approximately 4 months old the puppy should NOT be exposed to contaminated areas or to unhealthy animals. A puppy exposed to other dogs before this time, or taken to places such as public parks, has a higher risk of contracting sicknesses that could be life threatening.


If your puppy, during the first year of age is found to have a congenital defect, we will replace the puppy or refund your money only upon receipt of written explanation from a licensed veterinarian and return of puppy and registration papers, unless prior arrangements have been made. This guarantee becomes invalid if the recommended vaccination/deworming schedule is not followed or the dog is used for breeding purposes before one year of age. Any veterinary expenses incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless prior arrangements have been made or approved PRIOR to diagnoses and/or treatment.

We do our very best to provide happy, healthy and well socialized puppies. We hope you will continue this as you feed quality food, good health care, provide proper training, and most of all enjoy your puppy/dog and let him/her enjoy you.
Adult weights are estimates only, and as such there is no guarantee on the mature weight of your dog.

SELLER_____________________________________ DATE _____________________

I have read and understand and agree to above Health Guarantee provided by Debbie Bruce.
All disputes must be settled in Audrain County, Missouri.

BUYER__________________________________ DATE____________________

Microchip #__________________________________________

You can register your puppy's microchip online for $19.95/lifetime w/tags at or by phone 800-434-2843. My provider code is C11248.

I have been feeding my puppies and adult dogs a raw meat diet including hamburger or ground turkey with bone meal, heart, liver, and raw chicken pieces including the bone. I supplement them with Omega 3 fish oil, Vit. E, and yogurt or Kefir. If you shop sales/wisely a raw diet is no more expensive than kibble or canned food.
I WOULD STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FEED YOUR DOG AN EXCLUSIVLY RAW DIET; THEY WILL BE MUCH HEALTHIER WITH FEWER MEDICAL ISSUES. THEY WILL ALSO PRODUCE MUCH LESS WASTE (fewer trips outside to potty and less mess to clean up). I have seen nothing but positive results since I switched my dogs to raw.
If you choose to feed a dry food there are several high quality grain free brands available such as Orijen and Innova EVO. There are several websites with sources for meat based dry food as well as prepared raw meat diets. Recommended reading would be two books by Dr. Tom Lonsdale Raw Meaty Bonesand Works Wonders.
If you switch to a different food you should make a gradual change over one week to avoid digestive upset, however, do not mix raw and cooked/kibble in the same meal.
Visit for excellent dog and puppy training articles as well as details about healthy raw diets and vaccinations for dogs.

I use and highly recommend the supplements for me and my dogs from
Joint Health (people and dog products) are very good.

I feed my puppies NuVet Plus treats. To order please visit or call 1-800- 474-7044, order code 20071 .

You can feed your pup plain yogurt and/or canned pumpkin 2 times a day if he has any loose stool from stress or feed change.

Debbie Bruce
5749 ACR 225
Centralia, MO 65240

I'm happy to answer any questions you have before or after you buy a pup.


Do I have the financial resources now and in the future to care for a dog in a healthy manner?

If you live in an apartment does your lease allow pets, does it cost extra, will your neighbors complain?

If you have room mates will they object?

If you are buying the dog as a couple who will get the dog if you go your separate ways? If you are committed to your spouse for life...good for you, your kids, and the dog!!

Do you have the right personality and experience to train and care for the breed you have chosen?

If you have never had a dog have you done the research to know how to properly care for and train the breed you have chosen?

If you have chosen a specific breed based only on looks you need to make sure the dog's personality and energy level will be compatible with your lifestyle.

The temperament and physique you see in other people's dogs may not always apply to the individual animal in a breed or mix that you are considering, it may be more suitable, or less suitable, to your living situation and personality. Some breeders may be selecting for traits that you do not like or want in your dog. Be sure to inquire about the animal you are interested in and the breeder's program or goals.

Veterinarians are usually highly respected professionals, however, they are still human and can make mistakes in judgement or practice. There are honest as well as dishonest people in all walks of life, veterinarians included, use your good judgement when dealing with them. You can get a second and third opinion for your pet if you don't feel comfortable with one vet's policy or procedure.


Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our new family member [Bingo, Ruby x White Boy Boglen Terrier]. Our daughter loves him very much although he is much more my wife's dog (he is very attached to her). Also he does exceptionally well with listening, I mean, he won't come when I call him but he does no his name. lol.
Joe [3/25/08]

Hi Debbie!
This is Garrett and Angie and we were there on Sunday to pick up the min pin/pug mix. We just wanted to update you on how she was doing. We ended up naming her Reci because she is black and brown like a Reese Peanut Butter Cup. She is such a cutie and we love her so much, she is now part of the family. Our cat doesn�t like her yet� but she is starting to warm up. We have included some pictures to let you see how she is doing. Thanks so much for the opportunity for us to enlarge our family, she is such a sweetie!!
Thanks! [2/21/08]

Hello!I just wanted to update you on our puggle's [S female 5/20] status in her new home in sunny San Diego. She is currently a 4 lb bundle of joy and energy! The whole family is impressed with how fun loving and intelligent she is. Potty training is going well...she is starting to pace at the back door (signaling to us when nature is calling!) We have fallen in love with the breed and i think Southern California has as well...Belle enjoys car rides and shop p ing trips & I am constantly stopped while passersby cannot resist the adorable puggle face. Our puggle pup may think she's a rottweiler with that big personality, but she is loving and playful like a boxer. I would recommend a puggle puppy to anyone looking for the perfect family pet. Thank you Bruce Farm Pets!-Tiffany [8/10/07]

Just wanted to give you an update on how the puppy was doing. Her name is
Zoe. She is doing very well and good with the potty training. She had a few
accidents in the house like 2 pee and about 4 poopy in the 5 days that we
had her. Which is not that bad at all. She is being crate trained. She
doesnt like it to much and at first she went potty in her crate but she has
gotten better and has not gone potty in the crate. She understands the
concept of potty outside. She is accustom to the phrase "go potty good
girl" so thats what she knows as i have to go the the bathroom.
All in all she is doing well adjusting and getting used to the potty
training. Thank you very much she is a sweet heart, a lot
of work but a sweet heart. :) but she is a smart pup!

He [Bruce the Puggle] is very clever and very happy. He knows the kids names so I can tell him to go to their rooms and wake them up each morning. He knows the neighbor�s dog�s name because I just have to say, �go find Cookie?� and he is at the door. He also loves to snuggle on those icy winter nights we had during January and February.
Have a great day!

Hi Debbie
I got to babysit Gus [Puggle] yesterday when Sara was working...he sure is fun and funny. Just like a little kid! Definitely a "lap" dog as he pulls all his toys on my lap to play! Sara has adjusted to getting up in the middle of the night to take him outside.
The vet states he is a perfectly healthy puppy.
Thank you again for all you help and best wishes for your puppies to sell.

Hi Debbie!
Just wanted to send you some pictures of our big boy, Jaro!
We are so happy with him & still cannot thank you enough!
I hope all is well with new puppies & life in general!
Lexi B.

Hi Debbie,
My wife and I would like to thank you for Max [French Puggle]. He is a wonderful and well behaved dog. Thanks for everything.
Brad & Jessica S.

Just to let you know that all is well with the dog [Puggle]. He is doing great here! He is at my son's side constantly. Thanks!!
Corrine S.





How are you doing? Just wanted to send a note to say that Sky [pUGGLE] is doing wonderfully well. He is a spunky little fellow and threw his first tantrum at the doctor's office when the vet tried to clean his ears. He is chewy Louie and so we are saying "ouch" a lot, but we know he means no harm. He is a bit of a daredevil too. Likes to spike his butt up in the air and take a nose dive from off my bed onto the (thank God) rug in my bedroom. Has adjusted very well to his crate and is fine when we tell him to "go to your room" and "time to go to sleep". He has a nose like a hounddog - true to his breed because there is no need to tell him "dinner is ready". He is EXTREMELY smart. He was wee wee pad trained in one day - I swear! (We are not taking him out yet until he has had all his shots). He has become Sora's sidekick just as I hoped for. Sometimes he juices Sora up a bit and I have to tell her to play nice. He likes to run and jump on her head, run behind her legs and then he bites her tail. She gets excited and caught up in Sky's antics and forgets her power. However, we always monitor them and never leave Sky alone with her for long periods of time. They do share the dining room as their hang out space and Sora seems very content to have company at home during the day. You made a great pick, it's a great match and a wonderful marriage for the whole family. Sky is loved.
Thanks again. Will be sending photos soon.
The Bunn Family

Hi Debbie!
Our wonderful Sam is so adorable. She loves the warm weather and the beach. We even bought her a life jacket for the water. She is a great swimmer although a little unsure if she likes the water. She prefers to stand on the raft and watch us swim. She is still full of energy and darts all around the house. She sleeps like 10 hours a night under our covers with us and cuddles a lot. We think she's full grown at 12 pounds. (just like you said she would be) Thank goodness since she has to fit in the travel bag that goes under our seat on the airplane. She has been to Miami, Key West, Washington DC, and Chicago. She has been in the cockpit of the airplane on the pilots tray table and to our wedding reception and honeymoon. She has a stroller, a puppy purse, and toys all over our house. It won't be long though and the world won't revolve around her since I'm pregnant. I hope you can open these pictures. If not, let me know and I'll mail them. Everywhere we go, she's a hit and people love her and want to know what kind of dog she is. I have referred a couple people to you website and even given out your number. I hope you're great and I'm sure by now Buffy is pregnant again. Please write me back and let me know you got this.
Christi C.


Hi -

I just wanted to update you on our puppies progress,He is doing nicely with his housebreaking, some accidents but that is to be expected. We had him to the vet I guess it was the sat after we got him he was 8 lbs 5 oz.. and doing just great !
He basically is a bouncing boundle of JOY !!! He fits into our family beautifully!! We just love him to pieces !
Thanks so much for raising a healthy pup !!
Jackie L.

Hi Debbie, This is Danielle and I just thought I would send you some pictures of Ashes in her new home. We already love her so much, and she is such a good puppy! Thanks for everything.
Danielle, Justin, and Ashes

Just a note to let you know Sky is doing really well. Almost 5 months now. Just now getting rid of the paper (wee wee pads) and he is learning to "hold his own". Loves to sleep in my bed the little stinker. But that helps to keep him from pooting all night. Stopped giving him water all night too. After 7 - that's it. He is really rough with Sora, but she is learning to handle him. She has to put him in his place every now and then. He is a delight.
Kind regards,

Just want to let you know that Sky is doing really well. He's a big boy now (12 lbs.). Got his rabies shot (his tag is almost bigger than he is - but now we can hear him coming and going) and he made his first outside poop Sunday and has been consistent ever since. He had his first socialization and obedience class this past Saturday and was exhausted by the time we got home. He and Sora are fabulous together. I think for Halloween they're going to be David and Goliath. Thank you so much for picking the perfect personality for our family. He was meant for us.
Sara, Sora, and Sky.

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the pictures of Monkey. Ziggy [Chihuahua--Monkey X Blue] is doing amazing and has the best disposition. He loves everyone he comes in contact with and we have taken him eveywhere. He has been very quick to learn and lets us do anytihng we want. He likes his bath, brushing, playing, walking and he does not mind the little shirt we bought him. We took him to a little town in PA yesterday where there are lots and lots of people and I could not get past 5 without 1 of them stopping me and asking about him. My husband told me he gets the dog if we get divorsed because he is like a little magnet. I must have been stopped by 40 people no kidding. They were amazed how sweet and loving he was and excited to see them. He acted like they were family. I have been overjoyed with how quick he has adaped to our family and friends and never thought for a minute it was going to be this easy. We bought him a bed yesterday and his new thing is when he is tired he puts himself to bed. I could not find him the other evening after I gave him a chew toy which he chewed for about 1/2 an hour, when I went to look for him he put himself in his bed. We keep him in a powder room. Its about a 7 x 10 foot room and he has his food bed and when we leave him, I put toys and some treats. He has been doing fine. Thanks again for this amazing little guy. I think he is as happy as we are to have him. He has adjusted very, very well and has given much joy to our family and friends as well. I'll try and get some photos of him in his little shirt as he is so cute. The lady at the store where I bought the shirt even took a picture of him and said she has never met such a little guy with such a big heart. You should have seen him with the great big golden retriever. He was playing like he was a great dane. The golden loved him and was following him around the store. He was big enough to eat ziggy for a snack, but the lady said that he was a big mush so I was not too worried. Well you take care and thanks again for the pictures...I try and get some off to you soon...

Hello Debbie!

I just wanted to send an email to give you an update on how well Rosey is doing and how much we appreciated all your help/advice when we got her two weeks ago. She has acclimated well to our house and is quickly becoming accostomed to her the routine. She is a very independent puppy and doesn't whine or bark when we are not in the same room as her. We are still working on getting her to consistently go potty on the pads but we realize that will take time. She is staying quiet about 4 and a half to 5 hours during the night which was a nice change from the 2 and a half hours when we first got her. She is already a bit bigger after 2 weeks and seems to be growing more everyday!

Rosey is a happy and cuddly puppy that we are so lucky to have found! Thank you for all the questions you answered and advice you gave us about having a puppy for the first time. We will definitely recommend Bruce Farm Pets to others who are looking for a puppy.

We will be in touch. I will let you know how much she weighs when she seems to be done growing. Thanks again for everything!


Hello Debbie,

Rosey [Puggle] is doing very well! We have had her enrolled in puppy kindergarten and she is already sitting, laying down and waiting at dinner time for her food. She weighs 10 pds. 12 ounces at exactly 16 weeks. Not to mention, she is absolutely ADORABLE!!! The most wonderful decision we even made! Thought I would send a brief update. I will let you know though how much she ends up weighing when she is full grown.

Thanks again for providing us such an amazing puppy!!

Katy and Mike : The Official Puggle Website